Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CASual Friday #124


I feel like it has been so long since my last post! I've spent very little 'crafty' time in the last few weeks due to the holiday craziness. I know I'm not the only one -- but, then again, I couldn't help but be impressed and wowed by the continued blog posts of many of the blogs I love to follow. I was tickled because I had something to peruse on my phone at night before falling to sleep, but all I could think was "How in the world is she keeping up with that?!". :)

I did spend some time in my crafty room trying out some new projects that were Christmas gifts. I had a lot of fun decorating these coffee mugs. My super crafty sister helped me with execution ideas after I told her what I wanted to make. I enjoyed it so much, I made more than I had originally planned. These were all "embellished" with an oil-based Sharpie, using a vinyl Silhouette-cut stencil. (We have Pinspiration to thank for getting the ball rolling!)

Here are some of my favorites: (Forgive me the unplanned photos! These were taken hastily to shoot to above-mentioned sister.)

I had a lot of fun and used a white marker on all projects. It showed up really well on black mugs, also. (not pictured) Each one was filled with a clear bag of "Puppy Chow" all tied up with a pretty red bow! It looked so cute. And, I'm happy to report that they went over well. :) Always the best part.

Now I've babbled long enough -- I did play in my room for a few hours on ____ oh the days are a blur! It was a few days ago. (I'll have to explain our Christmas debacle in another post.) Long story short, I made a few cards for some challenges -- trying to get the crafty mojo rolling again. I got several new goodies for Christmas (Thanks Big Daddy!) and usually a new goodie or two is enough to give the crafty side of my brain new life, but I'm still not quite there yet. Probably not until we get back to our normal routine, I'm afraid.

This fun little card is for CASual Friday's New Years challenge! I don't usually make these cards just because I don't send them out, but I wanted to try something fun and new.

I used some gold and silver embossing powders on Rasberry Fizz (PTI) cardstock. The border embossed in silver is from PTI's Boutique Borders: Thanks mini stamp set. I stamped 2014 in gold powder from my CTMH Old World Alphabet. (Love that font, but forget to use it.) I stamped celebrate in small letters underneath using Rasberry Fizz ink from the PTI Live Love Life stamp set. It's all matted in gray cardstock and adhered to a white card base. Super easy and quick. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit! Happy New Year's!

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