Sunday, December 21, 2014

Curtain Call Revisited

Hello again! It's another stop on my Christmas card parade. Since they are my all-time, absolute, most favorite cards to make, I've not tired of making them yet! (But have vowed that I'm doing them differently next year! See prior post. Ugh.)

I'm sharing another Candy Cane inspired card, brought to you by the SSS Candy Cane stamp set/Limited Edition Christmas card set and Curtain Call's fabulous inspiration.

It's odd; I've never considered candy canes or really been "into" their colors, images, etc. but this year, I can't get enough. I've even bought some for myself and been eating them. (The small classic kind. The Piglets {heart} the modern flavors such as Sweet Tarts and Dum-Dums for theirs. It's adorable, so I buy them to hang on the tree.)
Here is my card:
It turned out so cute! I stamped and trimmed the candy canes with the intentions of laying them criss-cross on one another but didn't like how it looked. After flipping them the other direction, I was in lerve. The tee-ninny bow made it work. Stamped that super fun sentiment and added just a little bit of banners, button, and twine to balance it out and called it a day. This card has been one of my faves I made all season. Along with the pinecone tag below.....
I made a couple of tags for the candy bowls Big Daddy is taking to work tomorrow. The kids and I spent most of the day yesterday in the kitchen and I was back at it again this afternoon. He even got in there tonight and made his own recipe he wanted to try. (After I gave him "The Look" in Publix today when he picked up ingredients and wanted to "try" these candies he told me about. My response was "sounds good. If YOU want to make them." That joker put them back on the shelf! I laughed and then he picked them up again. He did make them. Ha. ....I wasn't about to do it - I had my last assignment and I was DONE! I was already doing a second batch of something he loved and wished for more. I volunteered and didn't mind so couldn't complain. But him throwing more recipes at me? That involved dipping???? No thank you!

These two bowls are actual gifts going to someone. We put the bulk of what was made in large containers that he will put in his office and share with "his guys"during their staff meeting and throughout the day. We also sent a similar gift bowl to our next door neighbor and I made mini-loaves of bread or small candy packages for Sunday School teachers and tonight's Kid's Church teachers. The Piglets love doing deliveries. (After their initial bashfulness and "what do I say?" --- Oh brother!)

Thanks SO much for stopping by to visit! I love being able to share my creations with you. It's such a great mental outlet and "stress relief" at the end of my hectic days!

God Bless!!!
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  1. Awesome creations, Miss Lady!! Thanks for playing along at The Curtain Call!!

  2. What a sweet card Mandy. Love the striped paper and those candy canes. Thank you for playing along with us at the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge.


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