Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Little Scrapping Buddy

My Little Avery -- such a mess. She's 7 going on 16, I swear! .... But it's so cute how she likes to craft in here with me. We've now even got her little desk set up like a Craft Table. It's ADORABLE. Tonight, I added the lamp for her b/c she is always complaining about it being dark. (and it is)

She loves to take some of my WOTG instructions and make her own cards. She asks for the exact same stamp, wants the matching buttons, everything. It tickles me.

The neatest part is that she's actually quite artistic, I think. (She gets that from her Daddy! I have to work at it and study other things - she just makes stuff up - she can draw - you name it).

She loves using my stamps and she's quite good with them. Tonight, however, I almost fainted  when I caught her opening my white PIGMENT ink AND Chocolate ink.  Me: "whoa - whoa - whoa! What are you doing?"  ..... She then explained she wanted to make the white part of a tree (she was stamping this tree). I was quite impressed, but not certain I knew what she was talking about. I showed her my white jelly roll pen and explained how she could use that. She misunderstood me and marked on the stamp after she inked it up with chocolate. (Never thought of that. I thought it was a pretty good idea.)....I then explained that I meant she could mark on the image after she stamped it. And, I also suggested a larger block as the lower quarter of the tree trunk was hanging off the block. I got told right quick that she meant to do that b/c she didn't have enough room on her paper to stamp the whole tree.  ... OK, beg pardon. ..... She was making an image that goes inside a do-it-yourself planter. Something brought home from Bible class. I keep my heating tool plugged in and upside down in the planter on top of my desk, b/c it displays her art work.

Check out what she did to this tree:

I thought it looked really good! Definitely from Daddy. :)

As I type this, she is reorganizing the top of my scrapping desk and wiping it down really good. MAMASHE!!!!!     AAARRGGGHH -- she gets that from you!

Thanks for indulging the long blog post. She has been asking me to post her cards on my blog. :) LOL! I was so proud of her little "Mini Me" desk, I had to share.

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  1. Tell Little Miss Avery that I thought her MOMMY made that planter! That is so cool!

    As always.... your posts make me laugh. :)

  2. That is absolutely adorable. You crack me up!


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