Monday, October 14, 2013

Colour Q #210


I'm back from sunny Florida after several days of R&R, ready to share my fun little crafty goodies again -- even though I'm laid up with a nasty cold! I thought vacation + FL = suntan and good health! Not for this family. My husband got sick right before we left, my Little Man came down with it the day we got there and I woke up with it the day before we left. Niiiice! We are a prime example of what NOT to do in most of our life stories. :) Whatevs. We still got to see the beautiful gulf and had a good time. I'm just having an even harder time than usual getting back in the swing of things. It's hard enough after a normal vacation! But, we have clean sheets, clean clothes, and suitcases are put away, so probably can't complain, right?

Vacation actually caused me to need a card. The boy (teenager now) who lives next door, graciously fed our kitties and checked the mail while we were gone. It was so nice to have that taken care of and not have to worry about our "babies" (3 cats who rule the house). He didn't want to be paid, so we had to slip a gift card into a Thank You card, which is where Colour Q comes in. I thought the colors where somewhat appropriate. Not sure my card was "boy" or "teen" enough, but it's the thought that counts, right? (Of course, not according to my Little Man, who said "That does NOT look good."  ....Thanks son. Your unwavering support is always appreciated! Gonna be just like his Daddy.)

I like these fun bright colors. But have to admit, making a card for a teen (and a male one at that) is not my forte! You would think out of all the cards I make and have stashed something would have worked, but nothing even came close.

Here was my attempt, misguided as it may be:

I was trying to go for different and NOT girly. But, I feel like once the iTunes card has been pulled out (Which seemed to be a hit, BTW), this thing will never see the light of day again! :)
Thanks for stopping by to visit and catching up on a long post! Hope your Fall is off to a great start!
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  1. Super fun card, girl!!! LURVED your cards in the PC mags!! You ROCK!! :)

  2. Fun card, Mandy, great design! Thanks for playing with us at the colourQ.

  3. Great Card! I think it is just fine for the boy/teen! I'm with ya on the cold - went on a trip and came home yucky. Kind of drains the creative flow doesn't it?


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