Saturday, March 16, 2013

CASE Study #132

Oooh, I'm so going to regret this in the morning, but I'm staying up a little later to sneak in another post! (I've already snuck in "one more card", etc.)

I know tomorrow will be so busy and I'll have trouble getting to anything crafty related. Quiet time while the whole house is sleeping is hard to give up. If I were REALLY good, I would get up well before everyone and have quiet time in the morning --- but I'm not REALLY good. I've set my alarm so many times, vowing to beat everyone up and enjoy some "productive solitude" and a cup of coffee (still decaf, Gina!)  before they are up. And, I can't tell a lie -- it NEVER happens. ...  EVER. ....  I'm serious. NEVER EVER EVER. I'll turn off the alarm in my sleep, decide in a semi-conscious state that it's really not that important and snooze for an hour then wake up all mad that I didn't get up!, and I've even just flat out woke up and said "no way!" and gone back to sleep. So, the only mature thing to do is to accept the fact that I probably won't get up early to do anything and just stay up a few minutes later and do what's on my brain!   ; )   Sometimes I'm glad I did, sometimes Morning Mandy hates  Night Mandy, but what are you gonna do?!

Oh yea - CASE study. I am digging on the inspiration piece from this month's muse! I had some ideas pretty quickly when I saw her card. I have yet to check out her blog, but the two we've seen through CASE Study so far are really floating my boat.

Here is this week's inspiration:

My daughter is having a birthday this coming Friday and we've agreed to let her have a little get-together at the house to grill out and have cake & ice cream. We've never done parties outside of our family (that's more than enough, believe me) but now that she's older, I can understand wanting to have a little something with friends from school. (Our piglets have a slew of cousins.) So, I agreed and she proceeded to go to school asking her friends if they could come to her party and she spouted off dates and times and who knows what else, to be perfectly honest. A couple of the kids said their mom's "needed an invitation".  Or that's the story I got from her anyway! Ha! .... I completely understood and promised her that I would make something up. Now remember, this is a first for me -- And, she's turning 9!

I decided to make her little invitations based on casing this card. We only needed a handful, so it wasn't overwhelming. We had an afternoon at home for Early Dismissal and she supervised as I made the first 4 cards. (We remembered a 5th AFTER these four were finished. But Mommy graciously took care of it that night after bedtime. Ahem. I'm sure you've ALL been there!)

The cupcake was die cut from my (again) CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge. I stamped the cupcake flourishes on the background paper so that it would show through the "window" from the back piece. I really liked how it turned out. All of my other sentiments stamped (front and back) are from the same set, one that came with my cartridge and one I was so happy to actually use!
Princess Daughter wanted to write in the information on some of them. HISSSSSSSS!   I let her. I got my knickers out of a twist about my little project and let her do it! She's so excited - hard to take that away from her, even if I am a raging perfectionist with "control issues". She had a lot of input on this and really was a joy to have in on it with me (even though I didn't offer to let her stamp, cut, tie, or glue anything.  - I'm not THAT loosey goosey with my projects! Baby steps, baby steps.) She really loved the end results and beamed proudly as she filled out the envelopes.
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and baring with my long post full of stories (if you did so. This is so long, I'm not even sure I'll proofread it.   JK! 'course I will.   #ragingperfectionist).
Happy weekending!

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  1. I love the colours you used for the invitations! What fun! Thanks for playing with us over on CASE Study :)

  2. These are so sweet! I love that ribbon! Thanks for joining us at CASE Study!


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