Friday, November 15, 2013

Merry Monday #83 and Scandanavian Wishes

 I took the "day off" today! No errands or house cleaning or other work while the kids were in school! I needed it - badly. After a few easy tasks to get me going, I bounced into my room and quickly decided to make a set of Christmas cards for a friend's birthday today. I was also on a mission to use up some paper I had been hoarding for a few months. (Let's just leave it at months - I'm sure we could simplify that fraction [Daughter is in 4th grade] and break this down into years, but that might hurt my feelings.)

With one of my cards I used the Merry Monday challenge to inspire me. And, actually, this was the first one I turned out (card #3) that I was happy with. So the inspiration worked! I was letting the paper, that I knew was "old" throw me. I kept telling myself it was crazy! If I saw it on the shelf at Michael's today, I would be in love with it and want to have it. But my mental faculties knew I'd had it forever and my creativity was stymied as a result. I finally got my groove on and was able to crank out remaining cards in "my style." Once the train was back on its tracks, the process went a lot smoother. I had to stop with only one card left to go. Figures! At least I didn't end as frustrated as I had begun.

Here is my card using my new CTMH Scandinavian Wishes stamp set and a small piece of that problematic paper. You will laugh when you see it. On this. The first card I made that I liked.
Annnnnd there you have it. The first card I thought turned out ok, barely has a strip of that paper on it. (Eye roll) I was bound and determined to use some of it up and I am happy to report, I did work a lot of it in on the remaining cards. I may get ambitious and post some of those later this weekend. Several of them turned out pretty cute. I still have ALOT of Mistletoe paper left though. It's like one of those really big salads at Logan's. The ones that seem to have lettuce that reproduces IN the bowl AS you are eating the stuff. Why doesn't that happen with chocolate chip cookies? Those manage to disappear quicker than I expect. All of a sudden I look down at my plate and then panic while I'm thinking (and chewing -- thank you) "Oh NO! How many did I eat???" Crumbs all falling out of my mouth as I try to think back and count on one hand (Hopefully only one). I just blame it on the kids when Big Daddy wants to know where they all went. Ha!!!
If anyone is still reading (Bless you child), the sentiment is one I snatched up from Hero Arts on a whim. I really liked how the larger, longer sentiment seemed to balance the larger image. I didn't want a teeny, tiny sentiment under that house. It would look like it's wobbling on the front of my card - about to tip over.  (Or maybe that's me projecting my feelings after eating all those cookies.)
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  1. You crack me up! I have this stamp set too and only inked it up for the first time yesterday. I think you did a fabulous job with this card.

  2. Mandy, it was so much fun reading your post! I love this Scandinavian image and you're right about the sentiment being perfect with it. So is the twine and the paper. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday!

  3. Love that image! And I have a similar issue with Chocolate Chip cookies :)

  4. Very cute card Mandy, this stamp is lovely. Thank you for joining us for Merry Monday.

  5. Really sweet card....I just love that Scandinavian image!


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