Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday Mashup #85 - A Thankful Fall

This week's Friday Mashup challenge appealed to me, because I felt I could apply an idea I've been banting about for several weeks. I don't have near enough time to play with all my ideas, challenges, projects, and layouts I have in mind! So, I'm prioritizing somehow - not sure there is a method to the madness...but I'm surviving. As my sister says, "Everyone's still alive. So I guess I'm doing something right."  :)

That being said, this week I prioritized all the challenges I wanted to participate in by first selecting the ones for which I actually already had an idea. (I wish I could do them all!) After an overly long week's hiatus from my craft room, (GASP! I know - I've NOT been happy about that) I went into turbo mode today!

  1. Make a project with "Leaves".
  2. Or Make a project saying "Thank You".
  3. Or "Mash it Up" and create a "Thank You project with Leaves".
I wanted to use a small leaf stamp to form a wreath. (yes, I managed to pull out a stamp set that had a small leaf on it. Wonders never cease!) These two stamps from my "Timeless" set that came with the Olivia WOTG kit a couple of falls ago. (If it was more than a couple, don't tell me. I don't want to know.)
I had to monkey with it 2 or 3 times to get it to look the way I wanted, but I finally was quite pleased with this one. (I traced a circle onto my card base first for a pattern.) After the wreath was stamped, I stamped the small "berries" from a dot that came in another set. Whenever those randomly appear in a stamp set, I wonder what they are there for -- I was quite glad to make good use of one.
I finished it off with a twine bow and button just because it needed a little something else. Otherwise, this is a very simple card -- all stamped on the card base.
Thank you for visiting! Have a great Turkey Week and drive safely!

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  1. WOW! Great use of a leaf stamp! Your wreath looks perfect.

  2. You hand-stamped each leaf of the wreath? Wow! Very lovely!! Thanks for joining the Friday Mashup this week.

  3. Your wreath looks fantastic! You have done a great job stamping each leaf, wow! Thanks for playing along with us at the Friday Mashup this week!

  4. Wonderful wreath, I love the button and twine.

    Thanks so much for joining us at The Friday Mashup!

  5. What a great way to use the little leaf stamp(and the little dot as well!) - great addition of the button and twine! Thanks for playing along with the Friday Mashup!

  6. Fabulous idea! I love the wreath of leaves; you used some great colors for this time of year! Thanks for joining us at The Friday Mashup!


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