Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do you feel "Lucky?"

......well, do ya?     ..... Clint Eastwood or Grandma Mazur?!   Let's go with Grandma Mazur - she makes me laugh.

         I am love-love-loving my "Lucky" paper! I have been dying to use it, but scared to cut it b/c it is so pretty and I knew I wanted to do it justice! (and, OF COURSE, it do my photos justice. I do NOT scrapbook just b/c of patterned paper. ha ha ha....why that would be just silly!         ...... PLEASE don't judge me.)

       I worked on this layout off and on this week. It is my baby's 5th birthday! (Those 5 yrs went by SO fast.) I used one of my favorite CTMH layouts. This one from the Magic book, "Magician's Choice". I am nerdy enough that I prefer the layouts that are orderly and "visually organized". (I just made that up.) The squares in this layout really appeal to me.

       I got brave and implemented an interactive flap.  Before you are too impressed, it was out of my own absentmindedness negligence that it was necessary and I had to get creative. I finished the layout and was adding the journaling, almost forgetting to mention the go-kart he recieved for his 5yr-"big gift". When I added it to my journaling, I realized I failed to include a picture! Yikes! I printed it and added the flap so that I didn't "waste" the first picture I chose (and wasn't married to anyway) and, VOILA! Go-kart picture included! I took advantage of the additional space and added more notes that I couldn't squeeze into the "flat" layout. (That's what I call the ones that are not interactive.) :)

      Thanks for looking!

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  1. OOOH I LIKE!!! Love how you incorporated the flip flap - great 'save'.


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