Sunday, January 25, 2015

A short break

I probably won't be posting here on my blog for the next week as The Hubs and I are both down with the flu! We took him to the doctor yesterday thinking he had a sinus infection and had given me "the crud" because my symptoms weren't as severe and about a day behind his. The man came back to the car with a face mask and saying he had BOTH strands of the flu!

Maybe I will make it to my room for some much needed therapy and alone time (although doubtful) but even if I do I won't share here until I'm well. Keep my hands and germs off the laptop that The Piglets stay on! :)

Hope to chat with you again soon and in a much better physical state!

God Bless,
Mandy Pin It


  1. I am SO sorry that you have sickness in your home!!! And I feel even sorrier that I do not live close enough to you to bring you some of the huge pot of chicken noodle soup my husband plans to make for dinner tonight!! Please get better fast - you will be missed!!! Take care of yourself!!


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