Thursday, September 29, 2011

Colour Q - Case a Queen Challenge 104

Hello there -- I am trying to stay on a roll with more regular projects and their related posts!

Last night I was able to produce a card that I wasn't embarrassed of for this weeks ColourQ challenge. (That would be Monday's card -- the embarassment, that is.)

I struggle with the 4 colors sometimes because as a "long-time scrapbooker, new-time cardmaker" , I tend to think there should be patterned paper everywhere! As I'm practicing more and more, I'm realizing the smaller space requires less of the patterns. It's fun to evolve, even if I am so anal that I want to whip out a card that I love everytime!

This week at ColourQ the challenge is to use the four colors below AND case a card previously posted and crowned ColourQueen. This brought on new challenges, but it was fun.

I chose this card to "CASE"....And, here is my card:

I love these colors together like this! They look so happy. It's so interesting how different they can look when grouped and positioned differently.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

BOO to you! H2H Cardstock Challenge

H2H -- use cardstock only; at least 3 different colors.

I almost missed this one! I made this card almost a week ago - when I saw the blog challenge at work last Monday (on my lunch break, OF COURSE) I had an idea I had been tinkering with for a while that I wanted to test.

I have been going back & forth on my Homestead alpha trying to decide if I still like it. I've been thinking on different ways I can change it up. I have several baby girl things to make and thought I could easily do something with pink and flowers, etc. But, the stamp kissing came to mind last week!

I have a little problem when it comes to all of the Halloween decor, supplies, and scrapbooking/cardmaking goodies! I want every stamp, sticker, paper, etc. And, I have some cool ones!

I decided to stamp the alpha in black and stamp kiss from the Fright Night stamp set I recently purchased. I used the fence row scenery on two of the letters and a bat from the stamp found in the Mischief  WOTG kit.

I love how it turned out!

TFL! Hope you have a great week!
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Little Scrapping Buddy

My Little Avery -- such a mess. She's 7 going on 16, I swear! .... But it's so cute how she likes to craft in here with me. We've now even got her little desk set up like a Craft Table. It's ADORABLE. Tonight, I added the lamp for her b/c she is always complaining about it being dark. (and it is)

She loves to take some of my WOTG instructions and make her own cards. She asks for the exact same stamp, wants the matching buttons, everything. It tickles me.

The neatest part is that she's actually quite artistic, I think. (She gets that from her Daddy! I have to work at it and study other things - she just makes stuff up - she can draw - you name it).

She loves using my stamps and she's quite good with them. Tonight, however, I almost fainted  when I caught her opening my white PIGMENT ink AND Chocolate ink.  Me: "whoa - whoa - whoa! What are you doing?"  ..... She then explained she wanted to make the white part of a tree (she was stamping this tree). I was quite impressed, but not certain I knew what she was talking about. I showed her my white jelly roll pen and explained how she could use that. She misunderstood me and marked on the stamp after she inked it up with chocolate. (Never thought of that. I thought it was a pretty good idea.)....I then explained that I meant she could mark on the image after she stamped it. And, I also suggested a larger block as the lower quarter of the tree trunk was hanging off the block. I got told right quick that she meant to do that b/c she didn't have enough room on her paper to stamp the whole tree.  ... OK, beg pardon. ..... She was making an image that goes inside a do-it-yourself planter. Something brought home from Bible class. I keep my heating tool plugged in and upside down in the planter on top of my desk, b/c it displays her art work.

Check out what she did to this tree:

I thought it looked really good! Definitely from Daddy. :)

As I type this, she is reorganizing the top of my scrapping desk and wiping it down really good. MAMASHE!!!!!     AAARRGGGHH -- she gets that from you!

Thanks for indulging the long blog post. She has been asking me to post her cards on my blog. :) LOL! I was so proud of her little "Mini Me" desk, I had to share.

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Fall Challenges

I have to admit today's BEAUTIFUL weather got me in the "fall mood"! I cleaned out a closet with my daughter (pulling out the summer clothes and trying on fall/winter). I pulled Fall Decor out of storage and set some things out.

And, the most fun was creating a Fall layout inspired by the colors over at Play Date Cafe and the fall challenge over at 4 Crafty Chicks - anything Fall/Autumn goes!

I found these pictures on the Internal Memory of my camera! That's even better than finding $ in a pair of pants you haven't worn in a long time. These pictures were taken only a month after we moved into our house and Marc had just bought this mower/trailer from a friend. As goes with EVERYTHING around here, the kids thought it was FOR them! (I call them the Little Bloodsuckers --- BUT with love! ....[mostly] ) Anyhoo, it made for some cute pictures that I forgot I had.

The layout was inspired by the layout in CTMH's Mischief "Workshop On The Go" kit.

Here are the layout colors from PDCC....

And my Fall layout....

I have yet to figure out the best way to photograph 12x12 layouts. I wish it showed up better -- the colors turned out fantastic! 

TFL and have a crafty weekend!
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog Award - Who me???

I cannot tell a lie -- I'm tickled to death! I actually got a blog award!! ... Granted, it's from my best scrappin' bud, Gina, and she's somewhat biased, but STILL. Hey -- "well I'm moving on up! ....To a DELUXE apartment in the sky-yyy".    

Gina's always got something deliciously crafty on her blog. It would be a great one to add to your following list if it's not already there!

I am honored to pull out 5 of my favorite blogs that I regularly follow and visit for inspiration. I LOVE looking at everyone's creations and it's great to have "go to" locations that never disappoint.

I am passing along the  to these sites. If you are in the list below, please select 5 of YOUR favorite blogs with less than 200 followers and pass it on!

Fellow bloggers - thanks for your inspiration and sharing your creative abilities with us!

Sea Glass and Sentiments

Even More Scrapping!


Angels Paper Crafts

Cutezie Creations

Have a great weekend!
Thanks again, Gina!!   :) Pin It

Clean & Simple Stamping sketch challenge

Hello there!
Well, it's Friday night and I am bound AND DETERMIND that I will get my craft on tonight. If I have to lock the door to my room and tell everyone to fend for themselves....Not that I would enjoy that or anything. (I TOTALLY would.)

But, first things first - I need to follow through with one of my favorite cards of recent crafting.

I made this one for a color challenge a few weeks ago, and I'm sure this might come as a shock to you - but I didn't get it posted in time to make the challenge. I know. I can't believe I did that, either. BUT, I liked this one so much, for some reason, I decided to save it and hope it would work for another challenge! NOW, I can actually send it to someone and put it to good use. Once they've been "blogged", they can live on indefinitely.

The funny thing about this one is that I was so proud of it and had it "displayed" on top of the hutch of my desk in my craft room. My mom was here last weekend and was looking around when I heard her say, "Awww. Bless your heart. This one got bent." (I had done a  LITTLE paper rolling/distressing. I just like to mess around with that.) And, I said, "No. I did that on purpose." Then, SHE said, "Oh.... Well. ...[slight pause]..... I don't like it."   HA HA HA!

Luckily, I'm not overly sensitive! I thought it was funny.

I love this sketch from Clean and Simple Stamping last week. Honestly, this style is all me. I will probably save it off somewhere to use again later. It's good for showcasing a new stamp. And, I love to do that when I first get one (PRIOR to it being filed away in a drawer with all my other little "babies" ... that rarely get used, but I can't seem to part with.)

Here's the sketch...

And here is my card:

By the way, I am totally addicted to the Mocha Opaques from Close to My Heart right now! They make a great "lazy-man" accent. Where I used to go with brads, now I don't even have to punch a hole! I can pop them on and scoot them around until they are lined up even. With brads, I never got them spaced evenly and it was too late once the hole was punched. These are perfect. There will definitely be more on my next order!

Be sure to check out the inspiring sketches and beautiful creations over at Clean and Simple Stamping!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moxie Fab World - Vertical Sketch Challenge

Well, I'm shooting for three tonight. It HAS to be a record. I'll save more of the fun for later this week to post a couple of others. But, at least, I'm back on the horse! I'm quite proud of myself. (And, this way Gina knows I'm not just telling her I'm crafting, she can see I really am. :)   )

The vertical challenge was different looking for me. I'm not a big "triangle" person, so the penants that have become so popular gave me some visual cringes for a while (I love them now) and this sketch made my left eye twitch - but only for a moment! I promise. It's a good sketch! The beauty part of sketches and crafting is you can make it whatever works for you. Sketches are my favorite thing. I love to see one drawing and all the different variations made of it. Everyone sees something different. It makes things interesting and fun.

Hopefully, I didn't take it TOO far with the "creativity", but I did get it to work for me. So that's the whole point, right?   :)   

I didn't even make it vertical. Ooops. It's going to have a gift card in it, so I had to turn it around for functionality.

I loved how "masculine" it turned out. I made it for a co-worker of my husband's and I'm relying on HIM to deliver it, so I know it had to meet with his approval or he wouldn't do it if it seemed "all womanly"...... Because ACTUALLY THANKING someone and giving them a token of your appreciation is too girly for him anyway! I was thinking I would literally have to walk out ON the production floor to deliver this one MYSELF!  .... BUT, when the Big Boy saw it, he said "Oh, that's cool."     PHEW! Dodged a bullet there. He's actually going to follow instructions (I THINK). :)

The trees are Cocoa embossing on chocolate cardstock. I've seen some of that monochromatic embossing in my recent card magazines and wanted to try it. I thought it would lend to the masculinity.

Don't forget to peep at the other crafty goodies available for inspired viewing in this Moxie challenge. TFL and for bearing with THREE long-winded posts! Pin It

Moxie Fab World - Square Challenge

I know, I know. Don't flip out. Multiple blog postings in one night (after WEEKS of cyber-silence)!

I was a crafting fool this weekend! What can I say? The challenges over at Moxie Fab really inspired me. I have recently purchased 2 of the PaperCrafts Special Issues: Card Ideas for the PaperCrafters   and   Stamp It! Cards Volume 8 . Both of these issues have been inspiring. (Which is really good b/c that is why I spent discretionary income on them!) well spent. Always a good feeling. Thank you very much.

When I found some of the same sketches from Card Ideas listed as challenges on Moxie Fab, I couldn't resist the urge to play along! It was fun to use some of the sketches from the issue, rather than just bookmark them and tell myself I would use the sketches. (Eye-roll;   it's ALL the time. I do it all the time!)

The square challenge worked out perfectly for a card I needed this weekend for local firemen in our community. Some of the wonderful women in our neighborhood wanted to gather up pies to take to our area fire dept. in honor of 9/11. I had to join in; I loved the idea. (Having always wanted to do this where I lived before, but always chickening out!)  I decided to make a card of thanks and sign from our neighborhoodl to take with the goodies and treats.

Here is the sketch that spoke to me:

And my patriotic thank you card using this sketch:

I embossed in White Daisy on Outdoor Denim cardstock to get the large star which was the springboard for the card. The exploding stars from the fireworks behind the star are stamped in cranberry and I liked the extra punch they gave the big star. The sentiment and button are both in outdoor denim, as well. And the craft, textured die-cut heart is from the new "Milepost Shapes" that CTMH offers. Honestly, I keep that set on top of my desk and stick one on all my projects lately! They can be inked to any color you like, but I love the natural, craft look. (Be sure to check them out and order a set if you haven't already! They are quite versatile!) 
Don't forget to look at the fabulous artwork on the Moxie Fab blog site for this challenge.   TFL!! Pin It

H2H - September week 1

Whoa. It's been even longer since my last blog post than I thought! It's shameful. Egads!

I have been crafting and even playing along with some challenges, but I get laaazzzyyyy when it comes time to sitting down at the computer. To be honest, I get less time at the computer (at home) than I do in my scrap room! (Because if I have to pick, you know which one comes first!)   : )

For H2H this week, we get to pick our own color combo. I actually made the one last week for the cocoa/pear/smoothie and since I didn't get it blogged in time, I ALMOST cheated and used it! ha! I really like that card. I'm saving it for later. It'll come in handy, I'm sure.

I didn't have to think TOO long about my favorite colors. I love light blue and red together! Ever since Mr. Man was born and my sister made him a blanket using those colors, I have been enamoured.

CTMH's "Tulip" is probably my favorite shade of red. Pair that with a little "Heavenly Blue" from Splendor and I'm happy!

I got wild and wooly and used words from 2 different stamp sets, "State of Mind" and "Card Chatter-Birthday". I was proud of myself for finding what I needed. I REALLY wanted a "Wishing you..." but I couldn't come up with one. That will give me something to shop for. : )   The sunshine was stamped from the "August Word Puzzle" (sadly, retired).

Don't forget to check out other fabulous artwork over at the H2H challenge blog! You can get your "fix" on perusing CTMH products and ideas.

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