Saturday, August 9, 2014

SYS2 Homework

Aaaaccckkk! I am SO far behind. :)

It's been a crazy week - with the kids starting back to school and us trying to squeeze in some last minute summer-fun, doctors appointments, and shopping. I knew it would be, but I was feeling adventurous and decided not to let it stop me from taking the Stretch Your Stamps 2 online card class. Since it's self-paced and you go through the materials as you have time and have access for a lifetime -- I'm in! That's more my speed (no pun intended). With Big Daddy's work schedule and it being just me and the kids here so much, I have a hard time planning to be anywhere at any given time. Conflicts seem to creep up no matter what (even when I keep my plans a secret that I only know about - my way of testing my "jinxed" theory).

I had a catch-up session on homework in my crafty space last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. On top of kids starting back yesterday and the hecticness of the week, I came down with a cold! Good gravy. It's made me draggy and unmotivated and as any mom can attest - there is never a good time for that! Yikes.

Here is my first pair of cards from the first day's class about stretching your background stamps. I've learned alot already - not only inspiration from new techniques and ideas, but even the little tips of seeing someone do something upside down or a different way than I do it. I've changed a few things in my crafty repertoire and am really happy with it.

These cards are inspired by Kristina Werner's watercolor resist technique.

With these two cards, I've already implemented little things I picked up on or was inspired by during other classes, such as, using the negative and positive from the die-cut to get two cards out of one technique, and using clear embossing powder over my sentiment stamped in black Versa Fine ink (first card, idea from Julie Ebersole , tucking sequins under the layer (Lisa Spangler)) and probably more that aren't even entirely conscious. 

I've really enjoyed it so far and look forward to more "catch-up". I have a few more cards to share on other posts and then I'll get back to catching up on the day's classes! 

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit! 

God Bless, 

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  1. Such beautiful and amazing cards - you did such a great job on both of them - LOVE, LOVE that background - you totally aced that - it looks amazing!! Way to go - these are awesome cards!!

  2. These are both fabulous!
    Who makes the Happy Birthday sentiment on the first card? I really like it!


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