Sunday, July 1, 2012

H2H - Ribbon Challenge

I'm late posting this one due to my dear old friend, "procastination", which has been accompanied by my arch-nemesis, "short-on-time".

For the H2H "Ribbon" challenge, I decided to experiment with organdy ribbon and a paper ring (cut from two circles nested inside each other).

I have tubes of the "old" organdy ribbon rounds which I loved so much, I bought additional colors right before they retired. (Turned out to be not as brilliant as I thought. I picked up colors that I NEVER use.) So, in my self-titled, self-help program "Use your S--Stash, Get  Results", I came up with a way to use up some ribbon.  The fact that I have to find ways to USE UP stuff instead of the normal issues for most crafters to stretch their supplies further will be addressed and discussed in subsequent posts.

I cut a ring of cardstock using my nesting Coluzzle circle template (first time that dude has seen daylight in a WHILE, I can assure you - so this was killing two birds, so to speak). I then began to tie short knots around the ring alternating my blue/green and lilac organdy ribbon. I think the organdy works nicely because it's so "full" with very little effort. The knots line up next to each other around the ring and resemble a braided look. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Before adhering it to the card with glue dots, I tied paper flowers onto the wreath with Crystal Blue waxy flax. Patterned paper background, scalloped border, sentiment banner -- and Voila~  card is done!

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  1. This turned out really pretty! Great Organdy ribbon wreath!

  2. Really great card! Definitely a great way to use up that ribbon, but I miss not having CTMH not offering it anymore. :(

  3. Very cool ribbon wreath! I too need to use up some stash, so thank you for the inspiration- and for playing along at H2H!


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